Meet Loop’s new Commercial Lead – Jonny Hayes!

Meet Loop’s new Commercial Lead – Jonny Hayes!

From his love for Pulp Fiction and Bolton Wanderers to a chat on all things social value, we sat down with Loop’s new Commercial Lead, Jonny Hayes, to find out how he’s been settling in with the team…

So, Jonny, tell us a little bit about your job as Commercial Lead

I’ve joined the team here to help drive forward Loop’s software, introduce the software to new clients and to help build and maintain lasting client relationships.

What were your first thoughts of ‘Loop’?

Prior to joining the company, I was really impressed by Loop’s position in the social value software market.

Since joining, I’ve met a team full of colleagues who have a great deal of passion for the product coupled with drive and determination for future success.

That’s great to hear. With that in mind, what does social value mean to you?

That’s a good question! For me, social value is about ensuring that people, communities and the environment benefit from the businesses that operate within them.

What did you do before you joined us here, Jonny?

Before I worked here with Loop, I was part of the commercial team for a large software organisation. As part of my role I was tasked with providing construction software to the construction industry.

As Loop are a part of the 55 Group, how are you finding the group offices?

The office accommodation is great and I enjoy the quirky features. The building is a former HSBC bank and the feature of the huge vault door is one of my favourite parts.

Can you tell us a bit about the 55 Group itself

Within the 55 Group there are four companies that come together to make up the group, those being ourselves at Loop, Sypro, Tequ and Pagabo. These companies form a progressive collection of software solutions, with exciting plans going forward.

Ok, so let’s take this away from work. What do you like to do when you’re not working?

One of the things I enjoy the most is spending time with my family. We love walking and exploring new places at the weekends. Other than that my football team is Bolton Wanderers and I do my best to get to as many games as possible.

If a genie appeared right now – what would be your first wish?

That’s a really tough one, but given the rough ride we’ve had with Covid over the last few years, I’d wish for health and happiness for my family and friends.

Great choice! Next – Favourite film and why…

Pulp Fiction – simply one of the best films of the 90’s.

Short and sweet. To conclude, what would you say to anyone thinking of working with us at the 55 Group?

In the short time that I’ve worked with the team at Loop, I’ve felt part of a progressive and supportive team. The 55 Group of companies work collaboratively for the greater good of our client base and our future success.

Thanks for your time, Jonny. Good luck with your new role!

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