‘The Future of Social Value’ to be focus at UKREiiF 2023

‘The Future of Social Value’ to be focus at UKREiiF 2023

The inaugural UK Real Estate Infrastructure and Investment Forum (UKREiiF) saw us unveiling the latest in our software and producing a thorough analysis report of the event for the organisers, helping them to demonstrate the returns made to the local economy.  

This year, we’re back with a bigger pavilion and agenda to help unpick the complications and work with people from across the sector to share learnings and best practise to shape the future of social valueA series of talks are being hosted in the pavilion across the three days in Leeds, and visitors will also be able to engage with our experts and wider network to discuss all manner of social value, procurement and industry matters. 


Angus Townsend, director of social value, said: “Social value is an incredibly powerful tool for all manner of activities, from winning work to informing key business or investment decisions. However, it’s also a vast area that is continuing to evolve. 

“The construction industry is one that has enacted the guidance from the Social Value Act since its introduction ten years ago – but with people at all points of their social value journey across the sector it’s incredibly important the guidance is there to help people enact best practise.  

“Social value measures all manner of things, from very tangible to very intangible. This means that the best value attitude the sector applies to individual project budgets must be applied to social value too. Accurate measurement is a complex task particularly for those less physically tangible outcomes like improved mental health or levels of education – and it’s going to take concerted effort and collaboration for the wider sector to get it right. 

“At UKREiiF, we will be placing a big focus on this discussion of quality, accurate measurement, making sure that people are utilising robust tools and metrics that provide accuracy with economist-driven approaches like Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA). Digital tools and software like our own need to be embraced to take the heavy lifting, and people must use quality metrics like the National Social Value Standard that are continually updated.  

“We will also be using the event to announce some exciting product developments that will make our platform even more accessible for all – and keep it fully aligned to our vision of the future of social value. This will include providing functionality for users to customise and use their preferred measurement frameworks, among other future-led updates.  

“All of this is being hosted with our colleagues at Pagabo, making sure that all procurement activities are being properly rooted in quality-led social value to really create maximum impacts for communities.  

“Lastly, visitors to the pavilion will be able to fill out our ‘state of social value’ survey, which is helping us build a true picture of how the construction industry views, understands and implements social value. We’re very interested to see the results, which will be published following thorough analysis from our economists and social value specialists.” 



The Future of Social Value Pavilion agenda: 

Tuesday 16 May 

Wednesday 17 May 

Thursday 18 May 

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