Will Campbell joins the SPC team

Will Campbell joins the SPC team

SPC adds another member to the team. Manchester-born Will Campbell comes aboard as the System Trainer and loves Hull so much that he doubts he will ever leave except for trips to stunning Skye and to beach-walk his two dogs.

What attracted you to the role of system trainer?

The role gives me the opportunity to use my previous experience and add my stamp to the training we offer here at Social Profit Calculator, hopefully creating an engaging and memorable experience for our prospective and existing clients. Also, working for such a forward-thinking and supportive company is an exciting chapter in my life.

What does the job offer to customers and new clients?

It will have substantial benefits for our customers, whether that’s offering constant training and support throughout the whole lifetime of using our products, or whether that’s in the initial training period. I’m here to help in any way I can.

What’s your experience of working at SPC so far?

The atmosphere has been so welcoming, and everyone has been so friendly. I’ve only been here a few weeks, and already it’s been so refreshing to meet such down to earth and supportive colleagues.

Office or homeworking? Which do you prefer?

I like a hybrid blend spending three days in the office and two working from home. The flexible working sets SPC out ahead of other employers and a precedent for other companies to follow.

You were a student in Hull so you must like the place very much?

Hull has a massive place in my heart, and I moved here from Manchester in 2012 to study at the university and have lived here ever since. Hull is different from other major cities; I’ve felt at home here since day one. I’m currently in the process of buying my first house and don’t have any plans to ever leave.

You have a former racing greyhound as a pet so who takes who for walks?

She spends about 20 hours a day curled up on the couch like most greyhounds. However, when we take her out, she starts feeling young again and is at the other end of the beach before you can blink an eye. So, I’d definitely say she walks me!

Where is the best place in the UK to propose marriage to a partner?

I’d recommend the Isle of Skye on the Northwest coast of Scotland. The scenery is some of the most stunning I’ve ever seen in my life. I was lucky enough to visit there last September, and took the opportunity to propose to my partner, and are planning to go back again next year.

What do you do when you are not at work?

I spend a lot of time finding new places to explore across Yorkshire with our dogs. Another big passion of mine is reading about true crime, and I also like to DJ in my spare time, although I’m more of a bedroom DJ.

Can you live without Netflix?

I don’t think I could live without my true crime documentaries, however, I could probably make it without Netflix as I try not to spend too much time watching TV.

Have any of the lockdowns given you any new skills?

During the first lockdown we spent a lot of time in the garden tidying and planting veg for the coming year. I learnt a lot of useful tips from neighbours, family and friends and I can’t wait to plant some more when we get into our new house.

Good luck in the new job Will and thanks for taking the time to speak to us!

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