A bespoke social value platform for Suez Recycling and Recovery UK


SUEZ recycling and recovery UK

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A bespoke social value platform for Suez Recycling and Recovery UK

We have been working with resources and waste management company SUEZ recycling and recovery UK since 2018, providing social value measurements and support as it develops its service offering and works to understand its social and environmental impact.

Initially we supported SUEZ’s bids for public sector tenders, allowing it to evidence advanced social value calculations and measurements, some of which attributed up to 15 per cent of tender responses to social value.

This work led into the creation of new, bespoke dashboard software for SUEZ, which runs Loop’s software in the background. This dashboard provides a comprehensive assessment of the social value generated by the company’s activities, such as the wellbeing benefits that derive from the organisation’s services within local communities and the fiscal benefits of its operations in the UK.

How did Loop help?

This advanced platform helps SUEZ evaluate its impact and allows it to forecast social value generation for its projects, which can also be used for decision making at all levels and to inform its new business development process.  It currently maps against 88 key performance indicators covering the company’s diverse activities and allows SUEZ to share information and measurements with customers in its reporting at a national, regional or site-specific level.

Through the platform and support from Loop, SUEZ has gained a greater understanding of its impact and the relative value created from different activities, for example from reusing materials compared to recycling them. This insight has led to the company working to introduce four additional reuse stores, one in each region in which it operates, developing this area of the business in a proactive way.

Moreover, the bespoke platform was recognised with a global intra-company award, winning the people innovation category, highlighting the transformational impact of the tool.

“Loop’s expertise and the bespoke platform it developed have helped us translate social value from a concept to tangible outcomes that are easier to understand and communicate, both internally and externally. It has allowed us to develop our business strategy and, with a deeper understanding of how we generate social value, we can identify and prioritise activities from local education to reuse that deliver the greatest benefit to the local communities that we work in around the UK.”

John Scanlon
Chief Executive officer, SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK
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A bespoke social value platform for Suez Recycling and Recovery UK

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