The National Social Value Standard

The National Social Value Standard (SVS) is the main measurement framework used within our social value software. It provides a broad, robust and accessible measurement framework to help drive greater social value, in the right way.

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The National Social Value Standard

Organisations ranging from public, private and not-for-profit can, and do, use the National SVS as their chosen measurement framework. This is the measurement framework used within our software so if you’re a Loop user you’ll likely be implementing this already.


The National SVS has a guidance document that you can download for free. It provides an overview of the measurement framework including its scope, uses and a full list of metrics.

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How to use the Standard

There are a variety of ways in which the SVS can be used, across the themes of forecasting, monitoring and evaluating, these include:

– Internal strategies or CSR
– Business cases and investment decision-making
– Procurement for both public and private sector
– General stakeholder communication

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Broad and versatile scope

Over 800 metrics, 90% of which have proxy values, across all social, environmental and economic pillars – used across private, public, and non-profit industries.

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Robust metrics and valuations

Outcomes focused and regularly updated metrics developed by social value economists, with additionality analysis conducted against every value to mitigate overclaiming.

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Government and academic best practice

Follows government guidance such as the HM Treasury Green Book, uses the latest academic literature, and maps to key frameworks such as the government’s Social Value Model and the UN Sustainable Development goals.

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