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What does your organisation put back into the world? It’s time to get to grips with social value, your USP for people, planet, and community.

Our live reporting social value software allows you to forecast, monitor, and evaluate the entire life cycle of your project or activities.

By empowering you to measure and enhance your social value, Loop can help your business operations and prove its value to others.

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Social value software that does all you need

Want to know how to measure your social value? From establishing a framework to evidencing your metrics, our market-leading social value reporting software can help you make a difference in your community.


On your real-time dashboard you can align your values to common social value frameworks (TOMs, SDGs) or map by procurement framework.

Data entry
Intelligent tech
Data safety
Easy to use

Made with usability in mind, our straightforward software is both efficient and simple to use.


Supports TOMs, SDGs, 4 Capitals and The Social Value Model. Aligned with The Construction Playbook and Procure for Value principles.


Social Value UK and Social Value International partners, and approved by the Cabinet Office and Office of National Statistics. We’re also a UK government G-Cloud supplier.


Our software is charged as a monthly fee, with technical support supplied as standard. We also offer dedicated SME pricing.

Reliably accurate

We follow HM Treasury Green Book Guidance to give you a realistic and accurate picture, every time. Our robust “impact metrics” remove the chance of double counting or inflating figures.


By balancing qualitative insight with quantitative metrics, we’re able to identify the human element, allowing for greater success in the bigger picture.

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Our live reporting software forecasts, monitors and evaluates the entire life-cycle of your projects.

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Loop software is being used by some of the UK’s biggest organisations.

From the Department for Transport to Suez and Sir Robert McAlpine, our software is ensuring projects stay on top of social value.

Being able to forecast the social value a scheme can deliver is becoming increasingly important to our clients, so having a tool that allows us to do this, as well as effectively benchmark throughout the lifespan of a project and fully evaluate at completion is really powerful.
Anna Kennedy
Regional Sustainability Manager
The importance of understanding our true social value impact in today’s world is vital, and Loop help us to achieve this.
Charlotte Stroud
Framework Coordinator, UK Construction Regions, ISG

Why Loop?

At Loop, knowledge and experience are our biggest assets. Founded in 2016, when social value was still relatively unheard of, we’re now one of the UK’s leading social value businesses, used by some of the UK’s biggest organisations.

With expert consultancy services and market-leading software, our solutions help organisations understand social value and make a real difference in the community. Our people-first approach is what we’re known for – and why our social value reporting and consultancy services are so trusted.

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