Inga Hercberga joins the SPC team

Inga Hercberga joins the SPC team

Latvian-born Inga Hercberga joins the SPC team as a talented developer and her love of computing goes back to when she was a child. Inga speaks several languages and shares with us the thrill of Harry Potter and the joys of hygge.  

With Latvian roots, how does somebody interested in computers end up working in Hull? 

My motive in moving to Hull in July 2020 was to live together with my partner and I’ve been here ever since. As a developer, I find it easier to find job offers abroad so it makes the moving process much simpler, especially when I can speak the language of the country I move to.

You’re still new to the job but what should we know about Social Profit Calculator?

As a calculator tool, it allows users to measure the social value of their projects, monitor the progress and then see how much was achieved in the end. It gives businesses the competitive edge when bidding for work as well as showing the worth of giving back to the community and helping the environment.

Is the environment something you care about?

I try my best to recycle as much as possible. I donate my old clothes, always choose the buying option that will plant trees and use public transport.

When did you first become interested in computers?

I was eight years old and the first computer I saw was a very old one in my school which had Windows 2000 installed in English. I was shown how to start it, find games and shut it down. Since then, I have been learning something new every day, starting from basic installations and drivers, ending with computer builds.

You bring the concept of hygge into your working life so explain what that is?

Hygge is a Danish word that loosely means to feel at home everywhere, including the workplace. For me, it means that I will try my best if I feel like I am part of the work environment and feel comfortable.

What do you do when you’re not working? 

In my spare time, I like to read books, play computer games and catch some fresh air while walking my dog. I also like to travel, tinker with DIY stuff and swim.

You loved the Harry Potter books so which one ranks as your favourite?

My favourite is the third book – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. By accident, it was also the first book I read from the Harry Potter series as I did not know there were other books before it.

You speak so many languages…Russian, Danish, German, Latvian, Portuguese and of course English.

English was the easiest for me to pick up, however it is also the language I have been using the most. I still struggle with using the correct prepositions and articles and often tend to pronounce words in quite an amusing way for native speakers.

What could we learn from life in Latvia?

Over half the land consists of forests, making it a very green country. Since the 1920s, the number of forests has almost doubled due to planting new trees and maintaining the existing ones. To be a greener country is something each country should strive for.

What’s the top of your UK ‘to do’ list?

I would love to visit Scotland, especially Edinburgh. I hope to have a trip there soon.

Good luck in the new job Inga, and thanks for taking the time to speak to us.

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