Ken Chalk discusses how we can improve workforce wellbeing

Ken Chalk discusses how we can improve workforce wellbeing

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a noticeable decline in the average person’s mental health and life satisfaction. Although there is a gradual recovery in life satisfaction post-pandemic, the average level still falls short of the pre-Covid levels.

Our Principal Economist, Ken Chalk, discusses how mental health issues increased off the back of the pandemic and how it is vital for organisations to help their employees with their wellbeing.

Utilising the well-established HM Treasury WELLBY methodology, the estimated value of the lost life satisfaction, when comparing 2019 to 2022, amounts to £2,210 per person. When extrapolated across the population, this represents a significant total of £148.8 billion per year. While we often gauge the impact of shocks in terms of Gross Domestic Product, it is crucial to recognise that the loss of life satisfaction holds equal importance, if not more. How people feel about their experiences and overall wellbeing is arguably of greater significance.

Figure 1 – Source: (ONS, 2023)

In addition to addressing this pressing issue, it is crucial for organisations to recognise that happier employees tend to be more productive. Therefore, improving people’s wellbeing aligns with the interests of the organisation. Furthermore, employees who experience greater mental stability are likely to take fewer sick days and exhibit higher retention rates, reducing turnover.

While there is a wealth of evidence on workplace interventions, this valuable information is not easily accessible. At present, Loop provides numerous job quality and mental health interventions, and in our next planned update, we will be incorporating an expanded list of mental health interventions.

Listed below are some of the interventions that have demonstrated success based on solid evidence and can be implemented effectively.


Job quality:

Mental health interventions:


We recognise there are other good approaches and careful thought should be given to different programs. The ones mentioned here though have stronger evidence attached to the impact or are statistically significant and therefore can give a starting point for organisations unsure on what to introduce.

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