Circular walks, roundabouts, songs on a loop, tree rings at Durrington Walls, spinning out from 8820BC.

Loop is part of a new public art programme in the town of Amesbury in Wiltshire. The project explores new growth in the UK’s oldest continuous settlement through the town’s relationship with the chalk landscape of Stonehenge and Salisbury Plain.

In 2017, there will be walks, talks, opportunities and bursaries for artists living and working in Amesbury. Get in touch and get involved.

Loop is being developed by Ginkgo with writer and artist Holly Corfield Carr. The project is funded by Bloor Homes.



Outdoor Writing Workshops in the Stonehenge Landscape

Sunday 9th July 2017
£5, including access to Stonehenge, parking and refreshments

Take your imagination for a walk in this outdoor writing workshop in the Stonehenge Landscape. Working with award-winning poet Holly Corfield Carr, you will explore the ancient contours and hidden corners of the World Heritage Site, learning how to use field writing techniques and observational excercises to draw inspiration from even the smallest rock.

Participants will have the chance to have their writing published as part of loop, a book of poems, photographs and walking routes celebrating life in the landscape around Stonehenge and Amesbury, the UK’s longest continuously-occupied settlement. For more information, please visit loop.org.uk.

All ages and writing experience welcome.

Limited tickets are now available. Please book here.


Loop in the Landscape

On May 13th, we hosted the first Loop in the Landscape outdoor writing workshop at Stonehenge. We enjoyed an afternoon of bright sunlight and clear views across from the early twentieth-century silage silos to the gap in the woods, cleared in the 1980s so that the ancient Cursus earthwork might run uninterrupted between Stonehenge and …


A post shared by loop : new art in Amesbury (@loopinthelandscape) on Mar 10, 2017 at 8:08am PST Here’s the lychgate – or lich-gate or lyke gate – in Amesbury’s old cemetery. A lychgate is a small shelter or house where the living and the dead wait together before a burial. There is some strangeness …

ring ring

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