Retail Trust demonstrate the value of its service with help from Loop


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Retail Trust demonstrate the value of its service with help from Loop

Since 1832, the Retail Trust has been caring for and protecting the lives of people working in retail. The charity has become a movement with a very clear cause: to create hope, health and happiness for everyone in retail.

The Retail Trust provides tools and services to employees of more than 200 organisations to help them take control of their mental, physical and financial health.

The Trust was seeking a way to report its impact to its clients, beneficiaries, supporters and partners. The team sought out our expert consultancy and access to our software solution, which allows the organisation to report back this information in a quantitative manner. This information, such as how many people have been using the Retail Trust allowed the charity to demonstrate the value it creates and lives it transforms.

After speaking to us and on-boarding more than five years ago, Retail Trust was impressed with how calculations have proved instrumental in demonstrating the impact of the service it provides.


How did Loop help?

The software and consultancy we were able to provide enables the Retail Trust to demonstrate the value of its service, with the social return on investment cited as a crucial metric. For example, when the team provides a trauma specialist to support employers with one-to-one or group sessions for critical incidents such as an armed robbery or a death of a colleague, the Retail Trust is able to demonstrate a clear value for these important services.

With our software, the charity has been able to see that, for every £1 the charity invested in supporting people in retail, there has been a social return on investment of £15.63. This measurement provides the Retail Trust with both quantitative and qualitative impact data that goes beyond the number of people that they were able to help.

“We have now been using Loop’s services for more than five years and are pleased with the social value results that are coming through. The qualitative data helps us demonstrate why our services are needed to help retail colleagues. We are really looking to enhance the data and insight we provide to our stakeholders."

Dan Russell
Research & Data Governance Lead, Retail Trust
Calculating Social Benefit for Sporting and Education Charity
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Retail Trust demonstrate the value of its service with help from Loop

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